In 2006, we started the Idealists in Action blog to share tales and tips about turning good intentions into action with the Idealist community.

In March 2014, we launched the Idealist Network—a platform to help people everywhere connect and take action on any issue that concerns them, locally or globally, online and in person.

Going forward, we’ll be devoting our blog entirely to the stories and strategies of the Network—particularly as they relate to Connectors, the volunteers at its heart. And to keep everything in one place, we’re going to start blogging exclusively on the Connector Hub—please come visit us there!

Thank you for eight wonderful years. We hope you’ll continue to enjoy perusing the Idealists in Action blog archive for inspiration, useful tips, and thought-provoking stories about doing good, and we look forward to seeing you around the rest of Idealist. As always, please feel welcome to drop us a line with any thoughts or questions: idealistblog@idealist.org.

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